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(to be continued...)

Heart break did it! Yep, I said it. It was heart break that brought me to my knees ( in the least sexiest way), inviting me to examine the cracks and leaks within a faulty foundation I had built my life and identity around. Quite naturally when everything came crashing down I hid with confused embarrassment, not wanting to admit that I knew

I knew I deserved more. 

I knew I was tired and overworked. 

I knew I held unresolved anger and resentment. 

I knew I held sadness. 

I knew there were parts of me I hid on purpose. I knew he was lying. I knew that friendship was over. I knew that job wasn’t for me. I knew I was disappointed. I knew wanted more than was being offered. I knew my smile was fake. I knew I wanted to feel loved. I knew I wanted more than sex. I knew the time wasn’t right. I knew. I knew. I knew.


Did I forget to mention it was heartbreak’s fault? 

This site is for every woman who knew the right way and yet still chose the opposite direction a time or two...or three. It’s for the woman that like me, secretly believed in the fairy tale hoping to one day be saved.

It’s for the woman still waiting...

This is for the woman who snatched the bandaid off just to put it back on. Who showed up when she wanted to stay home. Who picked herself up after devastation and continues to persist because 

     she feels.


She knows. There is more. She is more. 

My intention is that the reflective letters I share, stories of my life, lessons I’ve learned and moments yet still to be understood, will meet you where you are and encourage you to D.A.N.C.E.


{Do Your Best. Ask Questions. Never Give Up. Celebrate Yourself. & Embrace Mistakes} 




Get in alignment. Receive your assignment. 

- Whitley N Green